Full Of Life

Editorial by “The New Economy”

Life Energy is one of the fastest growing renewable energy companies to have hit the market of late, and the success of the company can be attributed to more than just its innovative approach and high level of customer service
The brainchild of Masiya Net, Life Energy was founded in 2009 with the chief aim to explore the potential of introducing viable and innovative energy sources to the Gulf region. The company’s tender age may co
me as a surprise, as it displays a lot more authority than a firm with a mere two years to its name. Despite being a new comer to the industry, Life Energy is one of the fastest growing renewable energy companies on the market today, and it has successfully developed a concept that explores new avenues in the energy sector. Its repertoire is extensive and brings together a cross-section of different components including energy management, solar and wind energy, energy efficiency, hybrid systems and waste to energy services and support. Focusing specifically on the Gulf-region, the forward∞thinking company aims to provide the area with innovative energy sources that are truly state-of-the-art in style, and even in certain cases, tailor-made to suit the specific needs of each client. Drawing upon the experience and expertise the firm holds, Life Energy is aiming to actively engage in energy saving and energy management activities locally and regionally, as well as on a global scale. International expansion is already underway and the company has pushed for geographical and operational diversity by entering other markets including Africa and the UK.

A route to success

So what’s behind the success and rapid growth of the company? “As one of the integrated solution providers in Kuwait, we believe that our success is ultimately derived from our customer’s success. We partner with our customers to reach their objectives. Also, we believe that our successes and progress are the direct results of our commitment to provide our customers with the product, solution, support, and after sales support,” read a recently published company statement celebrating Life Energy’s second year.
But these quality characteristics haven’t arisen out of nowhere. Crucially, Life Energy put much focus on its management team, and in return, the employees’ faithful dedication is reflected in the company’s notable achievements. In line with the staff-focused approach, staff training is key. Understanding that it’s crucial to establish a high level of expertise in order to offer the best possible advice to customers, Life Energy has invested significantly in training programmes for their technicians and engineers so as to ensure that they’re fit to provide the highest level of professional support to existing and new clients. An integral factor Life Energy also focuses on is the establishment of strategic alliances, locally and internationally.
Another contributing factor to the multiple successes the company has enjoyed is its pioneering soul and its dedication to supply solutions coupled with a desire to keep developing within the ever- progressing market that spans renewable energy, energy management and the array of green building solutions.

A promising future

By pushing boundaries and offering tailor-made packages to a wide plethora of clients – all with uniquely different needs – Life Energy has achieved a respectable status in Kuwait, the Gulf region and beyond. To boost its reputation further, Life Energy maintains high standards and the businesses success is backed by healthy finances.
Continuing on its winning path, the next few years will see revenue growth and international expansion with continued focus on providing customer satisfaction.
To strengthen its position and to give its competition a run for its money, Life Energy and its partners have an advantage in that they boast sound experience in the areas of implementation and integration. On a local level, Life Energy has formed strategic alliances with unique partners in the field such as National Technology Enterprises Company (NTEC), a technology projects development company with a mission to lead in the development and application of leading edge technology, and ENMAA, a leading integrated real estate services company in Kuwait. On an international level, Life Energy has established partnerships with leading companies such as: Heliocentris, P21, Solyndra, Brisban, Zephyr, Eltek Valere and HEI Solar Light, leaders in the renewable power and energy conservation fields.
The company’s experience is multi-faceted, stretching from strategic thinking and project management to business analysis and developing integrated service models. Each undertaking is carefully tailored to suit any complex environment, which helps to ensure that the services are provided efficiently and professionally. The high level of skills and experience displayed by the support engineers that serve the company is an all-important tool, coupled with the company’s diversified experience in implementing and supporting solutions in different environments. Life Energy takes it in its stride to deliver a well-balanced delivery mechanism that focuses not only on the technical components of a solution, but also addresses a range of important aspects that will result in a successful venture with a promising future.

Proven track record

Since the company was established, it has prospered within the energy industry, racking up a good track record from a slew of respected clients. Catering to a range of different segments such as telecoms, governmental, educational organisations as well as the oil sectors, some of Life Energy’s most notable clients include: Wataniya Telecom Kuwait, Viva Telcom Kuwait, Kuwait Institute for Science Research, Renewable Energy for Kuwait Oil Company, Oasis and Advanced Monitoring Site Solution KOREK Iraq.
Some noteworthy projects that form part of Life Energy’s list of merits include: successfully demonstrating fuel savings of 24 percent through live network trials for Wataniya Telecommunications (QTel) via Wataniya Hybrid Solution using numerous energy manager solutions. Currently, Life Energy is working as an EPC contractor for the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) on testing the latest photovoltaic technologies under local weather conditions. This project is of high importance as it will help establish the national test platform for grid connected PV systems.